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This was a fun project because it questions the value of disconnecting socially and putting yourself in a remote area for a while. This is very relevant to the situation we find ourselves in right now. We are all being asked to isolate ourselves from each other and this is causing people to really commit to the things they value. The irony of the current situation is that forced isolation is making people connect more than ever through technology and social media. So it’s a double edged sword. Technology is not all bad. Nothing is absolute.” – Pete Cabrinha, Brand Director


“Epic location and filming in the Marshall Islands. Made my bucket list after seeing it. Dave’s lobster tan was all time! Plus Pete’s narrations always seem to make the films feel more personal and interesting IMHO.” – Phil Sobolev, Product Testing Manager


We started out on this roadtrip without much of a plan, we packed all our toys into 2 camper vans and hit the road. It was supposed to be summer but we were met with 6 straight days of rain. This played into the story ultimately and once we embraced the conditions it all turned into a really fun and successful trip. Can you guess who narrated it?”– James Boulding, Marketing Manager 


“A timeless work of art!” – Todd Gréaux, VP of Sales


“This just gets me amped to hit the water and go surf, whether that is with a kite or without. It shows off Keahi’s talents as well as the beauty of Hawaii. It will definitely get you wanting to book tickets to Hawaii once we make it through these challenging times.”– James Boulding 


“Because this film was made at a time where long form movies were still popular. Compared to the way videos are consumed in 1-3 minute clips. We shot Metropolis in multiple countries and spent months on the production then released it on DVD. Its a snapshot of a time in our sport when things were moving quickly and creativity was rampant. The bonus sections are fun.” – Pete Cabrinha


“It’s a film with action packed riding and where the team are just having great times hanging out together. Fun film to watch.” – Rachel Hastilow, Office Manager


“Prince Edward Island may not be the first kite destination on your list, but after watching this edit, it’s definitely high up on my bucket list. It’s a really unique spot… solitude, perfect conditions, insane riding, and epic sunsets!”– Maria Felber, Marketing Admin

#9 DISGUISE THE LIMIT “Probably some of the funniest stuff we shot was the Keahi vs Nick part. When we premiered it, it had people in stitches laughing. Definately worth the watch for that alone!” – James Boulding, Marketing Manager“One of the segments reminds me of onshore sessions in college on the central coast kiting with friends and having a good time.” – Brodie Sutherland, Product Engineer


“It was just a fun project to help out on. Everyone was really focused on having fun and it showed.  And a little sentimental since it was the last time I got to work with my spirit animal (the Sloth).”– Phil Sobolev , Product Testing Manager VOTA DIRETTAMENTE DAL SITO CABRINHA

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