16 Aprile 2015

New Zealand Our Home

Marc Jacobs at Home

Marc Jacobs atleta di livello mondiale per la brand Switch Kiteboarding, sempre in viaggio ma finalmente torna a casa in Nuova Zelanda e ci regala un bellissimo video caratterizzato da scenari mozzafiato tra montagne e verde e un secret spot con acqua piatta desolato, un vero spettacolo, godetevi il video.

It’s always good coming home.
The welcoming mountain ranges.
The deep clean waters.
Rugged ridge lines rolling into deep canyons.
Carved out over centuries by immense glaciers.
Timeless glacier lakes.
Legends say that Rakaihautu the commander of the Uruao canoe dug these ancient lakes with his magical kāheru.
Tāwhirimātea the god of the wind blesses these ancient waters of Wakatipu.
When the wind rushes down the valleys you can still hear the war cries of ancient warriors echoing across the rivers.
This land has sculptured who we are today.
Aotearoa, New Zealand
Our land, Our home.

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