18 Luglio 2011

Aaron Hadlow



As a kid I was always into sports, I was heavily into football but I also found myself at the beach as my dad was into watersports.

At 10 I would fly his kite on the beach and the following year I jumped on a board. Wipika Classic and a big directional style!

Starting out was a lot of fun and I soon got hooked because of the fast progression and unlimited possibilities in a relatively new sport.

I find my motivation in general is learning and after 3 years of riding at age 14 I found myself competing with the top guys in the sport and amongst people I looked up to as the best.

As I started to compete I always thought I would have the chance to make it to the top but it was a bit of a long shot. Winning the Championship in 2004 at such a young age and so quick was a bit surreal.

Once I was at the top the only way to stay there was to innovate, my motivation was at an all time high, learning new tricks that nobody else had done or seen was a great feeling, as good as winning a competition, that combo worked hand in hand and I would say was the key point that kept me at the top for 5 years.

2010 will bring a change to my usual year, after being on tour for 7 years I will now take some time out to grow my brand, image and fan base by releasing videos, doing demos and visiting new places.

I am still motivated and love creating new tricks and look forward to competing again in the future to show off what I have learnt in my time off. Meanwhile everyone can follow this progression right here.


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