RRD Kite Harness Selector


Choosing the proper harness is a critical decision that is often overlooked. Finding the right harness can make or break your experience on the water so you must choose wisely.

RRD takes an unique approach to developing harnesses with two main factors in our development decisions; The natural shape of your body and the type of riding style you have. We use a mathematical formula to calculate the amount of force endured and exactly where it occurs on the body. This allows us to position the support and/or flexibility in the exact location it is required to maximize comfort and functionality. In additions to the physics, we also focus on the physical.

A harness needs to contour to the natural shape of your back as well as fit your style of riding, stance, and local conditions. Rather than claiming each of our harnesses do it all, our range consists of three different shapes to ensure the perfect fit.

It is our goal to provide you the best harness regardless of the complexities of your specifications and maintaining the superior standard of quality that RRD is known for.

But don’t take our word for it, try them out and decide for yourself!


Shot by Julien Leleu & Forest Bakker
Edited by: Lightbroscreative.com
Riders: Alex Neto, Jerrie vd Kop, Julien Leleu, Forest Bakker, Kari Schibevaag, Toni Cili, Abel Lago, Colin Heckroodt & Ralf Bachschuste

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