22 Luglio 2011

Rrd Video

Style Kiteboard 2012

“Redifining performance through technology”

PROGRAM: Freestyle PRO
The new latest freestyle machines. Coming in 5 totally new shaped
and revolutionary technology the Style boards feature a wider tip
area with rounded edges, thinner profile thickness and a crazy flex
response. A new exclusive lightest technology only possible in
Formula One car racing is today available on a kiteboard.
Completely built and assembled in Italy.

Rider: Seb Garat




RRD Global bar V4 Quick Features
SeaSpriteSports.com presents the RRD Global bar V4 with Dan Sweeney.
Available now at all your top RRD retailers.



RELIGION MKII “You will see the light!”
RRD has been the first brand to ever build a specific kite for waves.
For our Type Wave launched in 2002, we have kept always an eye on a
specific kite that would be designed to excelin the waves.
After the introduction of bow and D-shape kites and new innovative bridle
designs,this kite puts together a super short leading edge to maximize
turning speed with a bullet proof Dacron body construction specifically
positioned on the hi-tension areas of the kite to prevent breakage in the surf.
The new religion MKII goes one step further and introduces more power on
the big sizes and improved stability and easier handling on all sizes.
The control on any of these kites is EPIC. If you are serious about riding
waves you will have no other choices!




“Only for hardcore freestylers”
It was about time that you come up with a new 4 line C shape kite!
How many times we have heard this sentence until today.
Now everyone is fully served. We have come up with a completely
brand new design that will re-define the word “C-shape” freestyle kite.
Easy, fast , stable and just what you want to ride with a full hardcore style: FULL POWER!!!!!!

Sizes: 15-13.5-12-10.5-9-7-6-5



GITANA V2″Soul Rider”

PROGRAM:Side shore Wave
The new Gitana shaped have been renewed after a long winter testing session
in South Africa.
Powerful, fast and thick waves are the bread and butter for these sticks.
Redefined in all details from shape to technology to fin size, the new Gitanas
with get the rhythm of your heart beating fast on those special days…



SELEROSA V2 “Full of flavour”

PROGRAM: On-shore wave
All the shapes are based on the previous version.
Slightly revised in all details, all the new salerosas are slightly thinner
in max thickness and have a slightly thinner nose profile thickness.
Some of the concave in the tail area has been reduced in order to maximize
tail flex and improve a “direct” contact feeling with your backfoot.



RRD MAQUINA “Power of Control”

PROGRAM: Allround Wave
A totally new program based on a classic pro surfboard shape.
The Maquina combines the advantages of a wider tail with a generous rocker
and a serious tail kick. The narrow nose helps freedom of radical off the top
turns on the heaviest sections. A must for a pro rider.



Rrd Addiction Kite



New Juice twin tip board

Seb Garat is proud to introduce the new Juice promo video



Nuovissimo Rrd obsession MKIV

La nuova ala di punta della marca Rrd per quanto riguarda il Free Style



Tavola Twin tip Contest  

“Adding lightweight and stiffness to be ready to Rock. Hard.”
Same shape as the Poison LTD, the CONTEST is built for the pro rider looking for technological edge on any part of the equipment. 25% Lighter weight and increased stiffness will allow this freestyle rocket shape to become a killer weapon to plane faster, jump higher and generally ride stronger. No compromise, if you want to improve your ride, this board is a sure shot



Sup a Venezia

RRD is proud to introduce Surfin’ Venice 2011 event (July 9 – 10).
Check out the highlights of these beautiful days in Venice canals, paddling along one of the most beautiful city of the world.



Vision Kite

Roberto Ricci is proud to introduce the new Vision Kite promo video


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