27 Luglio 2013

Religion MKIV 2014

Religion MKIV: wave, after wave, after wave, after wave…

Wave after wave you will realize that it’s easier to ride, it’s easier to improve and it’s just a hell of a lot of fun to surf with this kite in your hands. This is simply what happens when you use the RELIGION. Today, thousands of kiters around the world have discovered this phenomenal kite and its simple, predictable beahviour in the air.


Stable, fast, powerful when you need it and completely neutral when you have so much speed from the wave itself, that you can just forget about the kite on top of you. The new Religion MKIV research & development has started from this consolidated platform.


Our goal this year has been to slightly improve this kites in any of its former performance aspects. A new thicker diameter leading edge design on the small sizes has further improved the stability of the kite when the wind is strong and gusty. The bigger sizes have instead gained tremedously in terms of power delivery and stability.


All the RELIGIONS MKIV are now easier to be de-powered, to allow you release the pull in any unwanted circumnstances. Controlled power is what you want in any wind strength and direction. Two new sizes have been introduced: a 10,5 and a 12, to improve light wind wave kiting performance. These two new kite sizes are now slightly lighter compared to the bullet proof construction of the sizes from 9 down, to allow a better response from 8 to 16 knots , when the conditions are really marginal to get going and surf.

We have received only positive comments on the MKIII Religion until today and many riders that have switched to the Religions, now they can really see the light.

Try one for yourself.



SIZES: 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10.5 • 12



MORE INFO AT THIS LINK: robertoriccidesigns.com







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