1 Agosto 2011

Naish kiteboarding

Wrap up season

“What a long strange trip its been…”
Season 1 of Naish Kiteboarding TV has delivered excitement to your desktop on
a regular basis and now it’s time to go grab new footage and step it up for
Season 2! Thanks to the riders, filmers, and editors who delivered the goods
and made us dream.
And a special thanks to all the viewers out there who took the time to watch.
Your views are making Season 2 possible!

To get you thru the winter, we will keep the episodes live.
The team will be out there, so keep your eyes peeled…



Welcome to chuctown

Have you ever looked in all the corners of your hometown and explored the
possibilities available for kite spots? Follow along with Davey Blair as he
scours Charlestown,SC for new terrain to ride.
Nowhere is safe: from the Battery to Ravenel Bridge, it’s amazing what you
can find in Chucktown.

Check it out, y’all!



Private session

This summer, we held a contest with Big Winds in Hood River, Oregon to give
back to our Naish Kiteboarding TV fans. The winner was featured in an episode
of Naish Kiteboarding TV, in a day of riding with 2x World Champion, Jesse
Richman and Wake Master, Sam Light. Check out lucky winner, Peter Knof,
stepping it up with some solid riding that made his two “deluxe coaches”
their heads…



Jo & jalou in the UK

Jo Wilson invited Jalou Langeree and Danielle Durrantto the UK for at aste
of her hometown…showing that once again, you don’t need to travel to the
other side of the world to get some great kiting conditions in some amazing landscapes!



Meet the Boss

Naish Kiteboarding TV would not be complete without featuring the one of
the pioneers of the sport and the name behind the brand.
Robby Naish has lived and breathed every facet of windsurfing, SUP and kitesurfing.
In Episode 18, meet The Boss and see the legend “at work”….



Triple SSS

Naish team riders: Sam Light, Davey Blair, Rick Jensen and Sam Bell
rocking the Sliders, Slicks, Surf and parties at the Triple S contest in
Cape Hatteras North Carolina. Get ready for some action within the
biggest progressive riding event of the year…



French touch

Check out Florian Daubos and the newly crowned French Junior Champion,
Paul Serin, when they rediscover kiteboarding’s birthplace: Montpellier.
Expect some fresh angles, action and French chicks.



The road to Hatteras

It’s a long, strange trip from Charlestown, SC to Cape Hatteras, NC.

Sam Light met up with Davey Blair to make the trek to the TripleS.
Davey gives a crash course in “Americana” along the way.
We recommend that you take a drink every time you hear Chucktown,
its obvious they did…



Making of 2012 photoshoot

Ever wonder what goes in to those time-frozen aerials and heart-racing
action shots you see in the magazines?!
Go behind the scenes with the entire Naish Kiteboarding team of riders,
photographers, designers and product developers for the Making of the 2012 Photoshoot.



German Quality

Yes, it could be your backyard… Rick Jensen and Nils Wesch
show you that you don’t need to fly around the world to get some sick sessions.
They went and looked around their backyard in Northern Germany to film this
new episode. Suddenly Northern Germany sounds a lot better than you thought!
You’ll see some sick action in the waves, flatwater and some surprises with
winches and poles.



Kailua kite bum

Tony “Caveman” Groman has been a fixture in the Kailua kiteboarding
scene since the beginning. He doesn’t spend his time chasing or waiting
for wind, he simply goes around the corner to the beach and kites every
single day. He has adapted his equipment, style and attitude to just have
fun no matter what the wind or the rest of the world is doing.



California trippin

Jesse Richman meets Nick Stuart from Naish USA in LA, drives up
to San Francisco and stops in on some famous west coast spots.
Sit back, grab a beer and check out the action.



Jo and Jalon in South Africa

Jo Wilson and Jalou Langeree flew to South Africa to enjoy Austral summer.
They scored epic waves and freestyle conditions. Check it out!



Hawaiina Waterman

Naish Kiteboarding TV takes you into the life of 18-year old waterman,
Kai Lenny, the first SUP World Champion and three-sport Naish Team Rider.
SUPing, windsurfing, surfing or kiting…he just has to pick one and he shreds it.



Day One

Check out Kevin Langeree’s first day on the water after being injured
and land-logged for 8 months. Last month he came to Maui to start training.
He’ll be back on track soon!



Jesse all in

Get inside the head of 18 year old all-or-nothing rider, Jesse Richman,
2x time World Champion from Maui.



Snowkiting Ragnarok

Jo Wilson and Jalou Langeree fly to Ragnarok to be part of the
Red Bull snowkiting event. The Ragnarok Red Bull event is one
of the most extreme snowkiting races in the world. Wind, fog,
snow and cold conditions are just part of the game…


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