30 Gennaio 2017

Best West 2

Alfonso Fernandes Europe Condition

Last winter I took on the elements of Europe’s west coast. Caparica-Lisbon and Supertubos-Peniche were pumping for days and I went into the water to push my limits! Surfing such challenging conditions is not only a huge thrill but also a privilege as it makes you realize nature’s raw power – a very humbling experience.

Performance and reliability of your gear are crucial for a successful session. Kites, bars, boards or even a simple leash can make the difference in the end. My gear is made to thrive in these conditions.
I hope you will enjoy watching this video and somehow feel a bit of my satisfaction riding those waves.

I’ll come back very soon with more kitesurfing action. Let me know your thoughts on my channels and also make sure to check out the first part of BestWest!


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