4 Aprile 2012

Ben Wilson Ci Insegna A Surfare.

In questa serie di video potrai trovare la spiegazione per eseguire i migliori surf trick, spiegati direttamente dal grande Ben Wilson.


5 Reason’s why surfer’s should get into kitesurfing

Essentially Kitesurfing is whipping yourself into a wave like a jetski would a tow surfer, you ride the wave the same way you would surfing it and you use the same boards. This video shows you 5 reason’s why you should give it a go if your a surfer.



JEEP Kitesurfing instructional – Riding Toeside

Ben say’s riding toeside with a kite is the closest feeling to surfing and that the key is weight distribution over your board


Surviving A Wipeout

Ben Wilson’s biggest tip when wiping out while kitesurfing is to train yourself no matter what, to “Fly the kite”. Whether it is 2 feet or 20, the last thing you want to do is crash your kite into the surf.


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