23 Maggio 2012

The New RRD Site

nuovo sito RRD


Every new website is a little like a new face of a brand. Since we have been in business our image was portraied mainly by our yearly catalogues and ad campaigns on magazines. The switch of focus towards the web has started to take place only recently, about 5 years ago, with great feedback from all of you. Today our website is a HUB, collecting all informations around the RRD world, spreading them on social networks to create conversations and stimulating interests.


More value to the brand contents, enhancing brand awareness.


We have concentrated in simplifying the product line outlook as much as possible so that you can find what you need, faster. Once you want to have more detalied infos you can quickly find them on the product page, visualize them and then spend time scrolling through all those great studio shots, action shots and videos, trying to make you feel that the product is there, in your hands.


We look forward to receiving your comments on the new website soon, by writing and e mail with your comments to this address:




Ride haRRD, Love water.





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