3 Agosto 2012

Religion MKIII


The new religion is simply mindblowing performance for any serious wave rider. We all know that for onshore you need a fast turning kite that flies slightly lower in the wind window, allowing you to ride waves without stalling, but the problem happens when you start riding in proper side-sideoff shore winds. The kite has to be stable, powerful and locked in the center of the wind window.

Basically you should not even consider moving the kites while waveriding, or at least as little as possible.
Well , ladies and gentlemen, here is the RELIGION MKIII!!! Exactely the perfect kite for both worlds!

Thanks to a new redesigned profile where the maximum shape has been moved to 40% of the chord, longer leading edge, flatter tips design and slightly longer wider tips, the RELIGION MKIII is now 20% more stable, and with so much more power locked in when you need. However, the same neutrality of the kite swinging in front of you is still there when you release the bar and ask for control and not being blown out of the water! Riding waves with control has never been easier.

Concentrate on reading waves, create your tracks, forget about your kite while there…
Love this sport, a gift from heaven… only who rides waves on a kite knows this feeling!

SIZES: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.5


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