2 Marzo 2012

New Rrd Addiction MKIII


“The new kite racing engine”

The Addiction MKIII is our new racing Engine. Developed over the last months of 2011, the Addiction MKIII is a simple 5 strut design kite with a hi aspect ratio outline. It delivers great power in any conditions but still allows you to gently use the de-power in the hi-end moments, and keep a constant comfortable pull that will result in the best average board speed. 

Extremely light in weight and manoeuvrable by design, the Addiction MKIII is extremely easy to be looped in the downwind reach, without loosing its constant power delivery. 
On the upwind reach, the Addiction MKIII excels in wind window penetration and wants to constantly pull you forward, so get ready for some incredible speed and angles. 

The stability of the kite even with the worst gusty wind conditions, makes your ride easier and comfortable, allowing you to concentrate on the racing strategy. 
The Addiction MKIII raced on the K Race 70 LTD will be the ticket to ride for the best results of your racing career.

Sizes: 18-16-13-11-9-7

Program: Racing Kite

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