13 Agosto 2011

Alberto Rondina 3° a Fuerteventura

3°pkra Fuerteventura

Ecco quello che scrive nel suo personal blog:

Ciao, after a 2 months break from competition we’re back on track with the Pkra Would Tour and this time we came to the island of Fuerteventura, Spain.

Fuerteventura is known for its white sandy beaches, but also for its strong and gusty wind that blows from sunrise to sunset, non stop!

For us the conditions are pretty hard, as the wind is always strong, around 30-35 knots and even more…but for the spectators is great, cause we are jumping right next to the beach, so they can watch all our tricks sitting on a chair having a cold drink!

I had a really good start in the single elimination, having fun and riding good on my 5.5m! I won against the new French Champ Thomas Paris, then Tom Hebert, from New Caledonia and I stoked to win against Alex Pastor, the 2010 vice world champion.

I tried all my best against Youri Zoon, ranked n1 right now, but that wasn’t enough to beat him, so I ended up 2nd in the singles!

Today the conditions were much harder, the wind was gusting over 40knots, I was lit on my 5.5m and it was really hard to jump on the way out! Alex was riding real good today, leaving me in 3rd place and Youri still in first!

I’m still very happy on the result, Fuerte has some of the hardest conditions on the tour…and finishing on the podium feels like a win for me!

After the freestyle event was finished, we all went out for the Big Air competition, where the height of the jump counts as 90% and the trick the other 10%. We all went out on bigger kites to jump as much as possibile and the crowd just loved it!! I was happy to finished 3rd!

I’m now off to Tenerife tomorrow, another island of the Canaries, for a Kite Master event!

Speak you next week!


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